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Lustcoins is here to provide a safe place for anyone who is interested in watching or creating adult content. While you enjoy yourself watching the content, we will also educate people to restrain from body shame. In modern society only people with perfect bodies get featured in advertisements, which causes people to be insecure of their body. Over the last decades, the number of customers in the medical aesthetics industry has increased seven times, 80% of women report that TV supermodels make them feel insecure, and 33% of UK adults felt anxious or depressed about their body image. Statistics don’t lie, and we believe this trend has to stop. Lustcoins will utilize blockchain technology not only for adult entertainment purposes, but also creation of an environment where everyone will feel included. Unlike other adult platforms, we will never approve use of sex slavery/trafficking. Adult entertainment industry has been run by large corporations that promoted use of illegal techniques.
Lustcoins platform is dedicated to creating an ecosystem for people to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships through free educational videos led by our best sexologist, while also making significant profit. We want to build an fun educational platform under the supervision of psychologists to help everyone love their and others’ bodies.

Stop Bodyshame

Provide Healthy Relationship Education

Stop LGBTQ Discrimination

Make Money While You Learning


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex society problems and use crypto blockchain to resolve it

2021 Q4
Project Start

✅ Launch social media platforms
✅ Stage 1: Test Sale. 13M tokens to be sold through Pancakeswap liquidity pool
✅ Launch website
✅ Launch first collection of LUST NFTs on Polygon platform
✅ Whitepaper release
✅ Stage 2: Pre-sale. 13M token to be sold via website at a fixed price
✅ List on P2PB2B Exchange
⚡ Marketplace development
⚡ Stage 3: Sale. 4M token to be sold through Pancakeswap liquidity pool
⚡ Continue AMA’s to attract $1,000,000 investment

2022 Q1
Development Phase 1

⏳ Artist recruitment and NFT team development
⏳ Social Media expansion
⏳ Register as a company in Crypto tax-free country
⏳ Hiring web developers and programmers to start the video platform with ability to connect to personal wallets for receive and pay LUST tokens
⏳ Launch LUST DeFi Exchange
⏳ Stage four: Pre-Sale. 30M token to be introduced in the market
⏳ Start negotiation with exchanges to list LUST Token
⏳ Launch limited final collection of LUST NFT’s

2022 Q2
Development Phase 2

🧮 Stage five: Sale. 40M tokens to be sold through Lust DeFi exchange liquidity pool
🔥 Burn: 100M tokens will be permanently removed from the market
💠Midsize exchange listing with liquidity pool of 100,000,000 token
⏳ Rent office and hire full time programmers, marketing team and support staff
⏳ Expand Marketing
⏳ Increase the Total Market Cap to $200,000,000
⏳ Launch full version of education and video website
⏳ Distribute 100,000,000 token to content creators and users of website
⏳ Launch marketing and VIP membership
⏳ Increase the revenue of company to $1,000,000
🔮 Donate $100,000 to NGO’s worldwide to advertise body positivity

2022 Q4
Reach Target

🌐 Major exchange listing with liquidity pool of 200M
🔥 Burn 150M token
⏳ Finalise the education and 24/7 therapy support via website
⏳ Increase the content of website to 100,000 hours videos
⏳ Increase the revenue of advertisement and VIP member ship to $100,000 per months
⏳ Increase the Total Market Cap to $300,000,000
⏳ Rank in 50 top Crypto tokens
⏳ Increase the revenue of NFT selling to $100,000 per months
⏳ Launch Beta version of LUST tokens with faster and safer transaction
🔮 Donate $500,000 to stop Sex Slavery and Sex Trafficking via NGO’s worldwide
⏳ Rank as the number one best website for sex education and adult relationship in the world
⏳Reach $1 per token by the anniversary of LUST Token

Lust NFT Collection


Pre-sale will be start 18th of October. Huge discount has been considered for our loyal holders, how ever you can buy right now via private sale, simply by emailing us on [email protected] To maintain the fix price during private-sale and pre-sale ; LUSTCOINS Financial removed the liquidity pool temporarily, purchasing in this duration will be available only via our site or our official email (please be mindful of scammers trying to open a pool in exchanges or selling you fake tokens with no value). However to secure the investment of our token holders we offer a buy back option at anytime. We will be back into Pancakeswap exchange by 25th of October with much bigger investment. Rest assure LUSTCOINS Financial will look after all investors in the best way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us via social media or our support staff via email. [email protected]

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Lustcoins Team

Aidin Montazemi
Lustcoins Project Developer
Karen Pashikyan
Director Commercial
Arshad Ali
Lustcoins Media Manager
Hooman Mo
Director Innovation and Technology

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