LUST token is a next-generation cryptocurrency that has all the goodness of cryptocurrency, yet contributes towards the upliftment of vulnerable communities. As several gruesome acts continue to rise in the LGBTQ community such as domestic violence, body shaming, and society-based discrimination, the LUST coin continues to act as a tribute to such people.

Blockchain technology has come a long way, and people have been using it progressively for the betterment of the world. While several creators are slowly incorporating the latest advancements in technology and busy creating their avatars on Metaverse, a small concerned team of citizens have come up with some revolutionary ideas in the blockchain industry.

The LUST community initially started from Australia, later spreading to different parts of the world due to its progressive cause towards the LGBTQ community. The LUST community has successfully managed to make a sustainable impact globally, without creating many speculations.

“We have recently agreed to sign partnerships with several local and global NGO’s to advance our mission. LUST coins will be available for trading from February end and have already signed 3 new exchange listing contracts. Hopefully, we will see more listings later this year,” mentions Aidin M, CEO of LUST tokens.

Several new tokens in the market tried to create an influence with the help of influencers and other marketing tactics. However, LUST spent all their time strengthening their community and delivering ahead of time what has been outlined in their roadmap- locking liquidity, creating their own LWAPP Defi exchange staking platform for LUST, their website, listing in a centralized exchange (P2PB2B).

In addition, They recently launched pre-sale (LWP) and their own – coming soon – NFT marketplace. LUST team’s success has created embarking progress, since several platforms are warm-heartedly welcoming them for a listing.

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